Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly Beauty Tip

I get questions sometimes on how I manage to keep my face smooth and how I keep moisturized in the winter or in dry weather. I get breakouts and all of that good stuff too but I try to prevent that from happening by keeping my face as healthy looking as I can. Lately I've become really obsessed with keeping my skin healthy. It's crazy I know I'm only twenty but I'm already getting weird about wrinkles (I know) that even in the winter, whenever the sun is out I make sure I have my sunglasses on!

So the cream I used to use was "La mer". Though La mer is really good for the skin and left my face feeling really smooth and moist, I discovered that I shouldn't be using something like that in my age range and that it's a bit strong for my face.

I took some time to look for a cream that worked best for my complexion. I have oily skin and the lady at the store recommended I use Clarins "Multi Active". I've been using it for a few months and I'm absolutely loving the way my skin looks and feels as well.

Keep in mind every skin type works well with different types of products, it's important for you to take the time to check what's best for you. But I do recommend getting a great moisturizer especially if you're leaving in a dry or cold place, to avoid having super dry skin.

I Also use "Bliss" around my eyes before I sleep and before I put my make up on. Bliss is available here.

TIP: Putting moisturizer before putting on your foundation makes your skin look smoother and clearer.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The perfect winter accessory...

Though I love clothes, those who know me know how big I am on accessories. Whether it's a headband, necklace, charms, bracelets, bags, hats etc. I recently got a request from a friend on hats that are in for the winter. I found some pretty cool options from asos. Now I know the turban has been making it's way back in style (Carrie wore one in Sex & the City 2), but it's the first I've seen of winter turbans which I found pretty cool, I'm also really big on berets, beanie's and floppy hats! If you're really looking for warmth, the trapper hat was and still is a trend for men and women.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stylish Camera Bags

Okay so my eyes were completely drawn when I came across a line of camera bags/purses called Flash by Loulwa Kassem. We've got covers to style our phones, why not have a stylish camera case as well? Flash features a variety of colors and fits most camera's. Flash isn't only for camera owners, a lot of buyers of this fabulous purses carry them around as an everyday side bag.

Now I have a camera and am dying to get my hands on one of these purses, but if I didn't I would still no doubt carry one of these purses as an everyday bag. I love anything eye popping and that's exactly what I feel these camera cases represent.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Keep yourself warm this winter with: Circle Scarves

One reader request was the circle scarves. A few months ago I bought a Royal Blue circle scarf from H&M and I'm not sure if they're still available there, but I know for sure they're available in American Apparel. Now I believe I did do a similar post a while ago, but recently American Apparel have got a bit of a different collection with the circle scarves. They've used some newer materials: Acid Wash, Sheer & Printed circle scarves. The solid colors are still available in a variety of colors.

Winter Boots: Wedges

I've been completely obsessing about wedges lately and I finally bought my first pair last week! (above) mine were by Jefferey Campbell and I'm absolutely in love with them. I love heels and I buy them but you rarely see me wearing them unless it's to an event or if I really feel like dressing up. Reason being, heels kill and I've always been a comfort first kind of girl when it came to almost anything. I will tell you, these wedges are SO comfortable I wear them even when I'm doing my day to day stuff. They're that comfortable, they're still in style for A/W 2010 and great for the winter :) Few other designer/brand names:

1. Pour La Victoire
2. Bottega Vennetta
3. Acne Black Admire Strap Wedge
4. Mini Market Pleats Wedge Ankle Boots

Statement Necklace

So it's been a long while since I've last updated, and that's due to the amounts of work I've been getting from University, literally any chance I got to take a break I did absolutely nothing! Not sure if anyone still comes by here anymore, but even so.. I'm going to post whenever I can :)

So I've been a big fan of statement necklaces for a while now, most of the ones I'm in love with are designers and not everyone has a budget for that. I loved and found this statement necklace at Aldo Accessories. Not the clearest in the photo's but its gold plated and I think would look fabulous with a plain black top or dress something not too over the top if you want the necklace to really stand out and make a statement. I'll probably be wearing this necklace here and there with an outfit, so when I do I'll be sure to post it :)


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

YSL Women's S/S '11

If you were fortunate enough to be there you'd know the YSL S/S '11 was a great show. I was fortunate to have found out that I could watch it live online! I didn't know until last minute otherwise I would've probably announced it for anyone interested. Was really cool though I had to keep quiet as I was in my project management class. My professor was probably staring at me as I oo'd and ahh'd and some pieces I loved. Even though not everything I would particularly wear, I just love looking at the pieces these designers create.

I have noted that one day I will attend a fashion show. At least once in my life time. Has anyone ever been to a fashion show? x

NOTE: For some reason the video isn't working, so if you'd like to watch the show click here
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