Tuesday, October 5, 2010

YSL Women's S/S '11

If you were fortunate enough to be there you'd know the YSL S/S '11 was a great show. I was fortunate to have found out that I could watch it live online! I didn't know until last minute otherwise I would've probably announced it for anyone interested. Was really cool though I had to keep quiet as I was in my project management class. My professor was probably staring at me as I oo'd and ahh'd and some pieces I loved. Even though not everything I would particularly wear, I just love looking at the pieces these designers create.

I have noted that one day I will attend a fashion show. At least once in my life time. Has anyone ever been to a fashion show? x

NOTE: For some reason the video isn't working, so if you'd like to watch the show click here

1 comment:

mcQueenBeep* said...

gonna check it out! thanks :)

Ive been to a couple of fashion shows, here in my country's fashion week.


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