Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly Beauty Tip

I get questions sometimes on how I manage to keep my face smooth and how I keep moisturized in the winter or in dry weather. I get breakouts and all of that good stuff too but I try to prevent that from happening by keeping my face as healthy looking as I can. Lately I've become really obsessed with keeping my skin healthy. It's crazy I know I'm only twenty but I'm already getting weird about wrinkles (I know) that even in the winter, whenever the sun is out I make sure I have my sunglasses on!

So the cream I used to use was "La mer". Though La mer is really good for the skin and left my face feeling really smooth and moist, I discovered that I shouldn't be using something like that in my age range and that it's a bit strong for my face.

I took some time to look for a cream that worked best for my complexion. I have oily skin and the lady at the store recommended I use Clarins "Multi Active". I've been using it for a few months and I'm absolutely loving the way my skin looks and feels as well.

Keep in mind every skin type works well with different types of products, it's important for you to take the time to check what's best for you. But I do recommend getting a great moisturizer especially if you're leaving in a dry or cold place, to avoid having super dry skin.

I Also use "Bliss" around my eyes before I sleep and before I put my make up on. Bliss is available here.

TIP: Putting moisturizer before putting on your foundation makes your skin look smoother and clearer.


Krystal said...

will have to try this :)

Princess Feef said...

thx for sharing hun ,,

Anonymous said...

tip, putting moisturiser on before foundation makes your skin look smoother? even my 12 year old sister knows that..

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